topic 5 dq 1 31

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

My current workplace is a non-profit organization which provides care to incarcerated patients. In the workplace, the stakeholders include upper management and quality improvement groups. The members of these groups are extremely knowledgeable with current practice in our facilities and new recommended and required policies and procedures via national agencies. They are efficient in identifying problem areas and quickly devise plans to create change. As with any facility, implementing change can and normally is difficult however, an open line of communication is always available. It has been identified that nonprofit organizations often nurses in nonprofit organizations tend to trade off output quality and output quantity (Van Puyvelde, 2015). Our practice requires employees to attend an in house CPR training which already incorporates TB educated and has begun to include information concerning Narcan. As non -medical personal have been trained and educated with the use of Narcan has been successful. It is my belief that integrating Narcan in the community settings via CPR training would have a positive outcome.

Van Puyvelde, S., Caers, R., Du Bois, C., & Jegers, M. (2015). Does organizational ownership matter? Objectives of employees in public, nonprofit and for-profit nursing homes. Applied Economics, 47(24), 2500–2513.

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