video assignment 7

This assignment will have you explore a case and an investigative tool involving firearms related evidence. The case is a forensic files case. While watching this case, answer the following questions:

1 – Provide a brief (one paragraph) summary of the crime that occurred.

2 – Describe the significance of “lands and grooves” with respect to firearms and their value as evidence.

3 – Describe why the initial tests of the firearm that was stolen in the robbery did not link the firearm to the murder.

4 – What was done to the barrel of the firearm to change its rifling characteristics?

5 – How did the forensic examiner overcome the alterations that were done to the firearm to finally solve the murder (what substance was used)?

This second video clip relates to the NIBN database. While watching the short video clip, answer these questions:

1 – What was the key break in the case involving the murder of the young mother and the two small children?

2 – Explain what is meant by “NIBN” and how it can be used to support investigations.

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