we call the period after c 1500 the quot modern era quot what makes it modern what is modernity

Essay (evaluated using Citizenship 1.2 rubric)

In this section, you will write a 5-paragraph interpretive essay. You essay should have

  • A thesis statement, or argument, that is precise, contestable, and qualified;
  • Introduction and conclusion paragraphs;
  • A topic sentence, or sub-argument, for each body paragraph;
  • Examples from at least three (3) of the civilizations that we have studied;
  • No fewer than five (5) examples or pieces of evidence from the readings and media.

We call the period after c. 1500 the “modern era.” What makes it modern? What is modernity? Using multiple examples from the course materials, assess what you conceive to be three (3) defining characteristics of what it means to be modern. Remember that, it could be argued, modernity is in the eye of the beholder and culturally relative!

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