week 5 8

For this week, you will go over some additional material that involves the concept of suicidal attacks by terrorist operatives. Since you already got your feet wet by watching Paradise Now, we will discuss some of the psychology behind this tactic and how people are essentially groomed to carry out their suicidal mission.

I will say, all of you made some very good comments regarding the content/concepts that were derived from each film. The Battle of Algiers, for lack of better words, has been the “handbook” for insurgency operations in many terror organizations throughout the world. That film illustrates how a set of brutal guerrilla tactics can be an effective means for an opposing force obtaining their strategic goal. Now, as we have seen in the past, many strategic goals achieved are short-lived in terror organizations. These individuals and or groups simply do not have the resources and personnel to carry on a sustained attack. However, history has shown us many dictators that have remained in power for quite some time while using terror tactics on their own civilian population. It’s all a matter of when the population’s boiling point has been reached and then the barbarism of guerrilla warfare and state-sponsored terror rears its ugly head.

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