week 6 assignment 27


Pickering v. Board of Education, 88 S.Ct. 1731 (1968)

Read the assigned case. Before you read the court’s decision determine how you would find if you were the judge. Write a discussion post based on your decision. After your post, go back in the case. Were you correct? Did the court find the way you thought they would find? Did they do so for the same reasons? Post a reflective post on your analysis of the case versus the court’s analysis.

You must read at least three other students’ reviews and comment. Your replies must be no less than 100 words each.

2. Case Brief Guidelines:

  • Students will brief all assigned cases for the module in which they are assigned. The case briefs are to be the student’s own work. The learning process takes place with the student reading, analyzing, and summarizing the facts and issues in a case; copying someone else’s work is not part of the learning process. However, students may consult with each other, discuss cases, and use the product of those discussions to write their briefs.
  • Your classmates will depend on you to write a thorough, accurate brief of the case(s) assigned. You, in turn, will rely on your classmates to do the same for their cases.
  • A copy of your brief will be posted in this module’s Case Brief Discussion board.
  • Be prepared to explain, justify, or dissent from your assigned case, as the instructor and/or classmates may query you about the case.

3. Case Brief Discussion

In the Case Briefs Discussion area, give your constructive feedback on the submissions that have been posted by your classmates. Your remarks can be opinion, but must be based on your experience, research, and/or prior learning. Use this area to gain valuable insight on how your fellow colleagues approached the Case Briefs and how your professor gave feedback and suggestions. Apply this information going forward to strengthen your own work. Apply this information going forward to enrich your understanding of the material, improve your ability to apply that knowledge to new content, and to strengthen your own work.

You must read at least three other students’ reviews and comment no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Your replies must be no less than 100 words each.

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