What individual stages would people go through according to the theory? (diffusion of innovation theory)

Yosvani has a great post! We have been discussing, in this week’s forum, the diffusion of innovations model (Rogers, 2003), which is a theory about communication and change, or more specifically,  how knowledge needed to change practice is communicated effectively through persuasion, internalized positively in its recipients through decision and implementation, and then confirmed by the individuals by resulting behavior changes. As a DNP leader, you become a driving force in that communication process for the changes that are required in your organization. Therefore, you must be clear about the change itself (innovation), the way it is communicated (diffusion), how well it is timed, and to whom the innovation is targeted. These driving forces need to be understood first when planning a change. As you then plan the change, you focus on getting others to adopt it using the diffusion of innovation theory to guide you as the primary driving force. Remember that the communication channels you use and their effectiveness become critical factors in diffusing innovation.What individual stages would people go through according to the theory?Reference: Rogers, E. M. (2003). Diffusion of innovations (5 th ed.). New York: Free Press.

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