what is the best way to live

Re-write the assignment “WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LIVE?”, with the new concepts, distinctions, views, and questions that this course has provided. You may find your view little changed; in that case articulate the view better so that it makes answers to these questions clear and explicit.If you now have a different, or at least somewhat altered view, make this new view clear with regard to these underlying questions.In presenting your current view, try to get at your fundamental commitments regarding the best way to live—e.g., what you take to be the fundamental moral principle(s) or duty (duties), what you take to be the intrinsic good(s)—and try to make explicit what sorts of reasoning are guiding your beliefs.This last question requires some thinking about metaethical questions.Certainly if you are torn between different views on particular issues, just state this and explain why.Your view about the best way to live may very well be a work in progress!(2-3 pages

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