20 Reading Exercise What role did race play in the fundamentalist orientation of conservative Americans in the 1920s?

The conservative American natives feared that revolutionary practices and beliefs would be brought about by the immigrants. Thus, there was a change in immigration laws which eventually created a shortage of low-wage laborers. Segregation also resulted where by the blacks’ rights of voting were highly controlled.

21 Reading Exercise  How did the Roosevelt administration design Social Security?

Roosevelt administration secured the Social Security Act whereby the program fund would come from startup costs and payroll taxes. He proposed voluntary contribution whereby individual initiative would help raise the yearly amount that would be expected at old age. Many people were also added to the beneficiary pool, and there was an increase in the benefits offered.

 Chapter 22Exercise #1 How did women’s lives change during World War II?

World War II left many women with rather expanded responsibilities as their husbands went to war. These included the roles that were traditionally taken by men, for instance, combat duties. These exposed them to more dangers which left some women dead.

 Chapter 22Exercise #2 Explain why the United States developed and deployed the atomic bomb during World War II.

The development and deployment of the atomic bomb were seen as being the most natural and effective way of ending the war in the fastest way possible and help save many lives. Also, it would highly increase the leverage and power of America in the global politics thus winning it the honor of the Soviets.

Chapter 23 Reading Exercise  Explain the emergency of the Truman Doctrine

The Truman Doctrine emerged in 1947 with Truman arguing that if Turkey and Greece failed to get the support of friendly nations, they would become victims of subversion. He thus asked the Congress to approve emergency assistance to such nations.

Chapter 24 Reading Exercise What distinguished President Eisenhower’s “Modern Republicanism” from his party’s policies in the past?

He made various alterations pertaining the philosophy of power. Eisenhower’ sought to put a balance between individual freedom and state intervention. The government was responsible for dictating the lowest wage and increasing social security.

 Chapter 25 Reading Exercise How did Lyndon B. Johnson make the Vietnam War his own?

Johnson affirmed his predecessors’ commitments on taking office, thus calling for more involvement of US in the Vietnam War. He, however, had no plans on escalating the war, but rather called for peace. 

Chapter 26Exercise How did the U.S. economy end up suffering both from inflation and high unemployment?

The war meant that high labor power had to be utilized in meeting the war demands. Thus production was largely affected. This would result in high inflation as supply became less than demand. Fighting recessions led to high unemployment levels.

Chapter 27 Reading Exercise How did the United States get into the first Gulf War in 1991?

The Unites States Intervened after being called about by Egypt and Saudi area after the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein. The US had to lead an attack after Hussein defied the demands by the United Nations to withdrawal.

Chapter 28 Reading Exercise Explain the causes of the Great Recession.

Imbalances in international trade and tax standards leading to housing debts as well as real estate bubbles was the major causes of the Great Recession. Also, housing policies and partial regulatory of financial institutions aggravated the matter.

add to these staments making each question a minmum  150 words giving some history content from give me liberty book!

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