why it is possible to affirm that although cuba became independent republic in 1902 the platt amendment had already turned cuba into a neocolonial possession of the united states since 1901 2

Three full pages in Times New Roman 12 double space. The word count may be around 1,500 words, although writing three full pages is the goal

The main focus is on the issue of the expansionism of the United States over Latin America and the establishment of the neocolonial system. Please analyze the legal document that set the relationship between the United States and Cuba for the first half of the twentieth century: The Platt Amendment.pdf. After reading this document, it should help with expanding on the question

After reading the Platt Amendment please find, among its regulations, those clauses that created a neocolonial nexus between Cuba and the United States.

Please cite from the platt Amendment and put this citation in as well

Works Cited

Burkholder, Mark A., et al. Exploitation, Inequality, and Resistance a History of Latin America since Columbus. Oxford University Press, 2018.

Treaty Between the United States and the Republic of Cuba Embodying the Provisions Defining Their Future Relations as Contained in the Act of Congress Approved March 2, 1901, signed 05/22/1903; General Records of the United States Government, 1778 – 2006, RG 11, National Archives.

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