write 2 paragraphs about virtue theory and ancient rome

Write 2 paragraphs (each one between 100 and 200 words) following the instructions:

PARAGRAPH 1) Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrvtOWEXDIQ&feature=youtu.be and respond these questions about Aristotle and Virtue Theory:

  • What is virtue theory?
  • How does one arrive at the Golden Mean?
  • Why should you become virtuous? How can you become virtuous according to Aristotle?
  • What is Eudaimonia?
  • Apply Aristotle’s advice concerning the Golden Mean to your own experiences. In what way might this principle work to influence your own behavior?


– Search the Internet





– Respond in writing to the following questions after exploring the internet sites and video above. about Violence in Ancient Rome

  • What type of violence-based leisure activities do Americans participate in and/or support?
  • In ancient Rome, the death penalty was common for criminals, prisoners of war, and for people in positions of power. In what ways does our society mirror the ancient Romans when it comes to these three areas? How is our society different?
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