write a blog entry about rider university sports

The purpose of the assignment is to create some original content for an organization for the purpose of “sharing expertise.” In addition, the purpose is to practice some hands-on skills using either a blog or podcast as your social media platform.

Readings & Notes: Chapter 5 COM 203_Ch_5.pptx

Chapter 5 explored a lot of great information about how an organization, through its social media strategy, can share “expertise.” Let’s take this a step further with a hands-on assignment.


  • You are the new social media manager for Rider University. Again, consider that you work for Rider University. As part of your new social media strategy, you decide to launch a new series, “A Day in the Life of Rider.” Since current students are the “experts” on all things Rider, you decide that the focus of your new series will be built around the voices of students.
  • Think about your strategy and your audiences. Begin by considering the four quadrants of public relations and the types of relationships that you seeking to build:
  1. The media. I want to create original stories that capture the imagination of the local media so that they spread Rider’s visibility to audiences that I might not otherwise reach.
  2. Community. I want to use my social media to raise the visibility about Rider among prospective students and their parents; build pride among current students, faculty, staff alumni; and/or connect Rider alumni to current events and news on campus.
  3. Business. I want to expand Rider’s partnerships with businesses for the benefit of our students. By showcasing our students in a positive light, I hope to attract more internships; increase employers participation in recruitment and/or career fairs; and attract more partnerships with businesses (through expert speakers, funding, etc.) that will enhance our academic programs.
  4. Government. I want to showcase the vitality of Rider University and our campus, particularly the NJ Commission on Higher Education, thus paving the way for new programs and university-wide initiatives.
  • Focus on the objective. Your objective is to positively promote Rider University. While your piece might connect with any of your audiences, you will be creating a message that addresses the question “Why Rider?” You are the expert, so you can decide on the focus for your “day in the life” piece from a student perspective but remember the objective.
  • Decide on the platform. Write a blog entry.


  • Research your topic and plan your strategy. Since you work for the university, you will want do a little research (search Rider’s webpage) to learn about the university’s current message(s) about the topic. In other words, the university needs consistent messages—what has been said in the past?
  • Write and include a headline for your blog. The headline should reflect the topic of your blog and pull the reader into the topic.
  • Your blog entry must be between 300-500 words. Carefully proofread and edit for grammar, etc., so that you showcase your expertise as a student.
  • Your blog must be written in first person. Consider a short introduction of yourself so that your reader knows a little about you. Make the blog personal, write in first person, and use an active voice.
  • Keep paragraphs short. No one wants to read an academic paper with long paragraphs. A good blog should have short, breezy paragraphs. It should look inviting.
  • Your blog must have at least one picture or video embedded in the entry. If applicable, also include a link (hyperlink, not the web address) to more information about the topic at Rider for readers to learn more (e.g., a link to housing, a link to the soccer team homepage, etc.)
  • Invite readers to leave a comment. This can be your last sentence.
  • Your blog does NOT have to be posted to a blogging site. Simply post your completed blog to the Canvas discussion page. Make sure that the final product on Canvas is easy to see and read, that your pictures show up and your links work.

Topic of Blog:

Sports: Focus on the benefit of a recent practice in light of sportsmanship, teambuilding, skill building, or self-confidence, or the excitement of winning a game. How do students benefit from sports on campus (whether it be a D1 sport or a rec sport)? How do sports make you a more confident individual? Why would alumni want to come back to campus to watch our teams? Why sports at Rider?

Websites you can find information about Rider: https://www.rider.edu/


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