write a peer revision 500 750 words


1.read one student’s rough draft

2. Write a 500-750 word informal letter in response to his rough draft

Directions for the Writer: A revisor, who does not edit sentence structures or writing mechanics, is someone who holds writers accountable to their arguments, topic selections, and content designs.

Write a 500-750 word informal letter in response to your peer’s rough draft. In your correspondence, make sure to back up your assertions with quotes and citations from their draft.

The letter should detail answers to the redquestions below. I have left the blackprompts to help structure direct responses to their cover letter.

1) What is your central claim? (Is theCC linked implicitly to a general topic? Does the CC explicitly deal with the prompt?)

2) According to what logic do you arrange the body of their paper? (Is there a clear and unified internal logic to the paper’s development? What pieces, if any, need to be moved around?)

3) What do you want to add or delete? (What is not needed? What was redundant? What additional information is needed?)

4) What kind of reading experience do you want this paper to give your reader?(Where is the voice of advocacy getting suffocated by information, facts, statistics?)

5) Does your research and writing support your central claim sufficiently?(Having read the paper, how, if at all, can the central claim be better supported?)

6) General & Other (What other concerns do you have, including discrepancies between how the writer answered this questionnaire, and what you are intuiting from the draft? Where next, in the next two weeks for your peer?)


  • Timeliness 10 points
  • References to paper and/or cover letter 10 points
  • Quality of feedback 15 points
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