academic coaching

For this assignment please follow the instructions and answer the questions

  • Explain how a student would not go through all of the phases of cultural shock.
  • Describe how you would be with the following questions in mind:How would you measure the student’s success?What measureable information will allow you to know that the student has reached self-actualization?
  • How would you include intrinsic and extrinsic interests and self-efficacy into your academic coaching (drive aspect of cultural intelligence)?
  • A student that you have been coaching for has been having issues with attendance.What strategies would you employ in order to improve his/her attendance to school?
  • Describe in detail a situation in which you would become a transformational coach to a student who is struggling academically.
  • What are three terms used in metacognition and what are their purposes?
  • Create a scenario where are you are coaching a student through a conflict between him and another student.
  • How will you commit to improve your tutoring skills?
  • What topics would you want to include that have not already been covered?
  • General comments or suggestions:
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