assignment financial model spreadsheet


  1. Nordstrom, Inc. ( Is the company I selected for this Assignment. The country into which the company will be calculated for is Italy)

Draft a one-page spreadsheet showing financial history and projected performance for the company you have chosen. The rows should include revenue, expenses, calculated profit, and calculated profit margin. The columns should be years: two years of history, plus three years of your reasonable future projections. Include a few sentences of key assumptions and conclusions. The spreadsheet must have accurate calculations and the cells of the spreadsheet should show your calculation formulas. Your spreadsheet should look professional on screen and when printed (including a heading and meaningful number formatting). Submit this assignment as an Excel spreadsheet file, not a PDF document.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  • ï‚· Show two years of financial history including revenue, expenses, calculated profit, and calculated profit margins.
  • ï‚· Show three years of future financial projections for revenue, expenses, calculated profit, and calculated profit margins.
  • ï‚· Show calculation formulas in cells where appropriate rather than “inputting” numbers.
  • ï‚· Identify key assumptions and conclusions regarding financial projections.
  • ï‚· Present data in a professional manner with headings and meaningful number formatting.
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