effective writing essay

Imagine that you currently are a professional working in your career field. Your supervisor has noted you have strong reading comprehension and writing skills and has asked that you assist your coworkers who are struggling with these important skills. By sharing your knowledge, you can, she notes, help them to improve their writing and reading comprehension skills and help them to become even more effective team members.

Locate an effectively written, peer-reviewed article online that you think demonstrates effective writing skills. This article should address an issue or controversial subject in your field of study. For example, if you are a law-enforcement professional, you might select an article on the increased use of police body cameras from a peer-reviewed journal.

In a 4-5 paragraph document written to your coworkers, apply reading comprehension skills and analyze the effectiveness of the article.

Be sure that you do the following:

  • Identify the article’s intended audience, purpose and main point.
  • Analyze the writing strategies the author uses to develop the main point
  • Explain what the author does to effectively convey ideas for his or her audience and for his or her purpose
  • explain to your coworkers how they might model their own writing after what this author does in the article so that they, too, can be more effective writers
  • explain to your coworkers how reading can help them become more effective writers

Be sure that your document is organized, edited, and professional in tone. If you use any sources to support your claims about reading and effectiveness in writing, give appropriate credit to the sources both in-text and in a References page. Be sure to apply 6th edition APA formatting and citations requirements.

Minimum Submission Requirements

  • 4–5 paragraphs in length (approximately 2 double spaced pages, excluding title page and References page

6th edition APA formatted, including title page and References page

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