english essay 3 2

Paper 3😀

Research (1000-1250 words)

OPTION #1: Consider how and where you learn as you receive your education. This class, for example, has been entirely online. Is online learning effective? Does online learning make education a more democratic experience (i.e. open to all equally)? Select one focus and argue your position using research and personal reflection. Remember that the essay must assert and explain your position. It must use research as a means to explore that position. 1000-1250 words. Use up to five resources.

OPTION #2: We live in an age of online social networking. Compose an essay in which you argue a position on the ethics of posting information about yourself or someone else on the Web. What guidelines, if any, should be established? Support your argument about guidelines with evidence and research. 1000-1250 words. Use up to five resources.


The essay should utilize research that provides a framework to explain the central concern.

The essay must use MLA format.

The essay must have a thesis—a central point—located in the first paragraph.

The essay must have clear support for its thesis.

The essay should employ effective critical thinking.

The essay should maintain focused paragraphs.

The essay should utilize appropriate tone and diction.

The essay should be free from grammar and punctuation errors.

Please let me know if there is anything else you may need in order to complete this assignment!

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