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Chilton and Rose Article:…

For this essay, you are being asked to do the following in the order presented:

  1. Read the Chilton and Rose article.
  2. Summarize the Chilton and Rose article–focusing on its thesis as well as its supporting main and sub-points–without providing your opinion or thoughts about it.
    1. This should take about two paragraphs.
  3. Analyze the Chilton and Rose article–breaking it apart and focusing on the quality and quantity of evidence they use to support their thesis and other central claims–again, working on using objective language. You mayintegrate information from the additional sources I provided, here.
    1. This should take about three or four paragraphs.
  4. Respond to the Chilton and Rose article–connect their thesis and central claims to your specific personal, professional, and academic experiences. You shouldintegrate information from the additional sources I provided, here. The response section of the essay serves as its conclusion.
    1. This should take about one to two paragraphs.
  5. An MLA-formatted document (heading, header, and one-inch margins) and Works Cited page.


  1. Your essay should present the summary first, the analysis second, and the response third.
    1. You are expected to transition between each of these sections using transitional phrases/sentences at the ends and beginnings of paragraphs.

    Other articles you can use:……

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