marketing swot analysis professional development

Part 1

Articles/ scholar journals to be researched:

Dealing with difficult people.

Resolving workplace conflict.

Prepare a one-page research paper for each article above. APA format is required. Thesis statement required. In-text citation required. Reference page required. Completely original work.

Part 2

As outlined in Chapter 2, the strategic planning process begins with an assessment of the organization’s current state. This task is generally accomplished through a SWOT analysis. In order to plan a successful career, you too must understand your strengths and weaknesses. This exercise is designed to help you conduct a personal SWOT analysis.

Step 1: Internal Assessment

The first step is to begin with a self-assessment. There are many tools available to help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses. The following website contains a wide variety of tools to assist you in identifying your wants and capabilities.… (fill and attach worksheet in appendix)

Write a brief reflection (2 paragraphs) about the results of your internal assessment. Remember, the key is to be honest with yourself.

Step 2: External Assessment

Personality testing is used to help you identify careers which make best use of your personality type. Organizations also use personality testing to identify ideal job candidates, testing applicants to determine if personality profiles meet the job requirements. Access versions such as (attached results in appendix). After completing the online test, you will be given a series of four letters. These letters represent your personality type and can be used to search for careers, fitting your personality.

Another means of identifying your strengths and weaknesses is to ask those around you to discuss these attributes with you. The second part of this exercise is to seek three people who know you in different capacities. Ask these three people to discuss with you your key strengths and weaknesses. Key people to ask include your boss, a professor who knows you well, and a long-time friend. Honest responses will help you better understand yourself, so ask for direct responses.

Write a 2-3 page report using the APA format on the key insights gained from these exercises. APA format is required. In-text citation required. Reference page required. Completely original work.

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