mars model

A large functional department in state government decided to modernize their computer system. The employees were made aware several months in advance of the changes, however, the implementation date kept getting pushed back. The changes were significant and affected everyone. Many were not happy with the changes; there was quite a bit of fear and consternation. The changes meant that some employees who were used to doing things one way, now had to do things differently. Some were concerned that they were not adequately prepared for the new system and they lacked training. When the change came it was, at first, a disaster. Instead of the expected increase in productivity and effectiveness, there was a significant decrease. To add to the problems, the system had a number of “bugs” that had to also be worked out. These things only served to fuel the employees concerns. How would you use the MARS model to explain the drop in performance experienced in this case example?

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The M.A.R.S. model provides us with a framework for understanding how organizational and individual characteristics interact to influence a person’s performance. M.A.R.S. is an acronym which stands for Motivation, Ability, Role Clarification and Situational Factors. Theorists suggest that an individual’s performance at work can be ascribed to these four factors. In regard to Motivation, what motivates the individual? Does the organization provide these things? With respect to ability, have we selected the right person for the job? On that note, what is the “job”? One needs to understand what is expected of them to perform satisfactorily. Lastly, the “S” stands for Situational Factors. For example, is the organization providing the tools and equipment necessary to perform the work expected? Let’s explore the M.A.R.S. model further.

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