Hi, I need real articulate answers to all these questions following the guidelines. I need specific examples adressing the question completely. I also need this done within 4 hours, please let me know if you can do this? The last tutor I had completely screwed me. It looked like he spent 4mins in developing his answer. He didn’t address the questions or give me specifics supported with fact. If you can help I’d be greatful.

Outline Study Questions below as if they were an essay you were asked on the exam.  You can bullet point them or provide a formal outline.  Answer each with a thesis, what evidence you would use to support your argument, and the basic issues at hand for each question.

1.  What significant differences are there between the religious groups of Britain that settled in America?  Why were they unable to form a unified presence in the colonies?

2.  Explain the different wars in Europe played out on American Soil (see chart on p. 112).  Why did European events have such a large effect on the colonies?

3.  Trace the development of the Navigation Acts, Townshend Acts and Intolerable Acts as motivations for the start of the American Revolution. 

4.  What role did the philosophes and the new political thoughts in Europe have on American political movements?  (use the powerpoint slides for further info)

5.  Discuss early democratic experiences by settlers in America through religious, social and regional political structures. 

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