political science writing paper 02

Write a 3 to 4-page double-spaced (1” margins, 12 point font) “reflection paper” that answers ONE of the following questions:

Option 1: Some people argue that ethnic nationalism is destructive for states and leads to violent conflict. However, Muller challenges this view and argues that ethnic nationalism must be recognized and embraced to produce stable states. Explain the logic of each side’s argument (i.e., the argument for civic nationalism and Muller’s argument for ethnic nationalism) and explain which argument you find more convincing and why.

Option 2: What explains when nationalism is a constructive force (producing stability that strengthens states) and when it is a destructive force (fomenting conflict and instability)? In your answer, assess the competing theories of inter-group conflict covered in the course and explain which you find most plausible. Support your argument by showing how evidence from at least threecase studies covered in the course materials either fits or does not fit with each theory.

A reflection paper is not a summary of the course readings or a stream of conscious mind dump on paper. Rather, it is a means for you to analyze and respond in a substantive way to the content, issues and controversies raised in the articles, lectures and class discussions that you are experiencing. No outside research is necessary. If you want to cite an assigned reading, you can simply put the author’s last name and page number (e.g., Herbst, p. 118). You do not need to cite information I provide during lecture. No bibliography is necessary.

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