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Discuss the role of the honeypots in safeguarding the organization’s network.

A Honeypot is typically a computer system or systems designed to look appealing to hackers so that they attempt to hack the network through this given computer or computer system so that the hacker can be controlled, confined, or deflected and also to alert the network owner. Honeypots can be used for a few different things. They can be used to deflect a hacker from entering a network. They can be used to contain a hacker once they get into that system. They can be used to alert the network owner or operator. They can also be used to gain information about how hackers are getting into systems or gain specific information about a specific hacker possibly. Honeypots can be used for any one, or combination, of those attributes.

Utilizing a honeypot to learn about attacks is a very smart strategy for any information technology team to implement. By analyzing honeypot hack data, people can learn things like the country of origin for the attackers, attempted method of attack, and the types of passwords being utilized. This information can tell an information technology team how best to set up their network defenses as well as possibly what kind of training needs to be done with personnel.

Long story short, honeypots are a critical part to a fully layered security system for any network and should be utilized and studied to the fullest extent.

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