squat variations

Graduate level writing

Post should be at least 400 words.

Use a minimum of 2 additional references

APA formating

For this week’s forum we are going to discuss how to use a variety of squats in a variety of training conditions. We know that mechanics changes can change the way that muscles are worked. Mechanics change the focus, target, purpose, and results.

Answer the following questions:

1. Choose two different type of squats and contrast the muscles worked. I would suggest your favorite and then another one. In other words, choose two different mechanics variations and tell us how they work the same muscles a little bit differently. This goes back to our lesson on supersets and the mechanisms there.

2. Choose one squat and use it in a program for a specific person with a specific goal. State your rationale, your subject, your exercise, and how you will use it your program.

3. Which squat is your least favorite and why?

4. Have you seen squats done mechanically incorrect? What could be the consequences? Explain.

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