summary response on article

Read the article–“Why men still cant have it all” and write a 3-paragraph summary-response, based on the article. Link:

PARAGRAPH 1: Using the writing guidance in chapter 1, 2, & 3 of They Say, I Say (They Say” and “Her point Is and The Art of Quoting), write a fully developed summary paragraph of the article you choose to write about. Include a quote from the text. Feel free to practice using the templates they provide for you in They Say, I Say, or create your own.

PARAGRAPH 2: In paragraph 2, respond using one or more of the templates in Three Ways to Respond: Yes/No/Okay, but” and/or Distinguishing What You Say From What They Say.” Include a quote to help you articulate your point.

PARAGRAPH 3: In paragraph 3, make your point in paragraph 2 relevant by using one of the templates in So What? Who Cares?” Does this issue matter to you or someone you love? What is at stake? Where do you see the effects of this issue? How has it affected your life?

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