vitural teams


Reflect on virtual teaming and it’s rules, values, reasons and problems. From what we have learned in this class on the value of virtual teaming and necessity to learn to deal with communication in this capacity, this part of the final is to give an overview of your thoughts on the subject gained from personal experience. Virtual teaming is never easy; however, I feel that most of you succeeded in accomplishing this difficult task.

Be sure this part of your final is also in good essay and APA format. I want to know that you have reviewed the above information and the folder on teaming given early in the term.

Let me once more give you an experience in virtual teaming and it’s necessity. I asked the worldwide VP of a French company with teams and customers around the world, what he felt was the importance in modern business of being able to successfully handle a virtual team. His answer was short and emphatic:

“Today I talked with my team around the world which represented 6 countries, 3 time zones, 6 cultures, 4 ethnic backgrounds, and 3 religions. We had the same goal to handle a sale for 3 of the largest electronic companies in the world. As leader of the team, if I had faltered or hesitated or procrastinated, it would have all been lost. Is virtual teaming important – if you want to work in the modern world, you had better acknowledge it is a must and succeed at doing it!” (KLL, personal communication, February 25)

I await your comments.


Experience from working in a team


Lack of communication

We didn’t arrange a daily/weekly meeting time

I suggested communicating via text messages for a prompt response because I’m hardly online and that wasn’t utilized.


although we didn’t organize times and days to communicate we were able to assign each other tasks and complete them before the deadline

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